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Voco V

Voco V

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Introducing the Voco V from Nexili! The compact on-camera shotgun microphone designed with content creators in mind. Perfect for producing clear and crisp audio on-the-go, whether you're shooting video content, recording podcasts, or live streaming.

The Voco V's cardioid polar pattern ensures that sound is captured from the direction it's pointed at, minimizing any background noise. With a digital and analog mode control switch and stepless gain control knob, you can easily adjust the microphone's settings to match your environment.

This versatile microphone also has full USB microphone functionality, meaning you can connect it to your camera, smartphone or computer with ease. The Voco V comes with an included professional shock mount and foam windscreen to reduce any vibrations or unwanted noise, delivering professional quality audio.

Small in size but big on features, the Voco V is affordable and perfect for creators on a budget who don't want to compromise on quality. It runs on plug-in power, so you don't need to worry about batteries or charging. Don't settle for subpar audio, upgrade to the Voco V today!

  • Cardioid Polar Pattern: The microphone picks up sound from a specific direction while rejecting unwanted noise from other directions, providing clear audio recording.
  • Digital and Analog Mode Control Switch: The switch allows users to switch between digital and analog mode, providing versatility in recording.
  • Stepless Gain Control Knob: Users can adjust the microphone's sensitivity with precision for optimal sound quality.
  • Full USB Microphone Functionality: The microphone can be used as a USB microphone when connected to a computer, allowing users to record audio directly onto their computer.
  • Professional Shock Mount Included: The microphone comes with a shock mount that isolates the microphone from vibrations, reducing unwanted noise.
  • Foam Windscreen Included: The foam windscreen reduces wind noise during outdoor recording.
  • Runs on Plug-in Power: The microphone does not require batteries as it runs on plug-in power, making it convenient to use.
  • Compatible with Cameras, Smartphones & Computers: The microphone can be used with a variety of devices, making it versatile for different recording scenarios.
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