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Capture Card for Online Streaming

In the box:

  1. Virta Capture Card
  2. USB-C to USB-A Cable
  3. User Manual
  4. Warranty Card

What does Virta do?

Virta is a capture card that allows you to use your external camera to seamlessly broadcast a high quality livestream on social media platforms.

Input up to 4K @ 30fps

Output up to 1080p @ 60fps

4 Ports

Virta is designed with two HDMI ports, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a USB-C port. Use the HDMI OUT port and the 3.5mm audio jack to monitor your content while streaming.

Compatible with

OBS, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube & other similar platforms

What You'll Need

The right HDMI cable for your camera

A computer/laptop

An Encoder

Virta Capture Card

For Monitoring

In order to setup output monitoring, you will need a monitor with HDMI input, an HDMI cable and headphones with a 3.5mm audio cable.

Connecting Virta

Before connecting Virta, make sure you have everything needed.

After you have checked, click here to read how to connect Virta to your computer.

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