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Valo T Pro

Valo T Pro

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Introducing the Valo T Pro - a professional-grade RGB LED tube light that offers exceptional lighting technology for photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals. Created by Nexili, a brand renowned for its innovative products, the Valo T Pro comes in two sizes - 60 and 120 - to suit your specific needs.

The Valo T Pro is a versatile and portable light that can be used handheld or attached to metal surfaces via two built-in magnets. With its RGB mode, flash mode, and CCT mode, the light offers a color temperature range of 3200 to 6200K and up to 98+ CRI. The RGB mode allows for full color hue selection with 0-100% saturation and brightness adjustment, providing complete creative control over the lighting.

The Valo T Pro's onboard buttons and OLED screen, along with its companion app for iOS and Android, provide various ways to control the light. You can use Bluetooth to control a single light or multiple synced lights, and the DMX input and output enable connection to an optional DMX controller for even more control.

The Valo T Pro can be powered by either the included removable battery or power adapter, providing flexibility and reliability. They run for approximately 90 minutes at full power on the included battery.

Experience the exceptional power and versatility of the Valo T Pro from Nexili. Capture stunning photos and videos like never before with this top-of-the-line RGB LED tube light.


  • Professional-grade RGB LED tube light
  • Available in two sizes: 60 and 120
  • Versatile and portable design with removable handle
  • Built-in magnets for attaching to metal surfaces

Lighting modes and features:

  • RGB mode with full color hue selection
  • 0 to 100% saturation and brightness adjustment in RGB mode
  • Flash mode for capturing fast-moving subjects
  • CCT mode with a color temperature range of 3200 to 6200K
  • Up to 98+ CRI for accurate color rendering


  • Onboard buttons and OLED screen for control
  • Companion app for iOS and Android devices over built-in Bluetooth
  • Control a single light or multiple synced lights with the app
  • DMX input and output for connecting to an optional DMX controller


  • Can be powered by included removable battery or included power adapter
  • Removable battery can be recharged within the light using the power adapter
  • Valo T Pro 120 outputs 40W of power & the Pro 60 outputs 20W
  • Runs approximately 90 minutes at full power on the included battery
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