Compatibility with Virta

Compatibility with Virta

Virta is a device that comes in really handy nowadays. With more and more people working and having meetings or even education from home, it's very important to present yourself and stand out with a higher quality webcam.

Virta is a capture card that converts your camera into a USB input that can be used as a webcam. Any camera that allows a clean HDMI output is compatible. So action cameras, dslrs, camcorders or you name it, should be compatible as long as they allow a clean HDMI output. 

The Test

Testing if your camera is compatible is easy to do from home. 

What You'll Need:

  1. The right HDMI cable for YOUR camera
  2. A monitor 

Different cameras need different HDMI cables. Check your camera's HDMI port to see what kind of port it is. 

An example is the Micro HDMI on the Sony Alpha series. You will need a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable. 

Sometimes the HDMI cable is already provided in the box.

Connect your camera to the monitor using the HDMI cable. Look at the output, does it look clean? 

Some cameras have menu options that appear on the output that can't be removed. Be sure to check your menu settings and options to make sure your camera would allow you to have an output that's as clean as possible. 

Auto Save settings

Some cameras would automatically turn off to save power after being idle for a certain period of time. If you usually go on long live sessions or meetings, make sure to check if your camera allows you to turn that feature off. 

Battery life

Some cameras won't last more than a 2-3 hours if they are left on, so if you plan to go for a long live session or a long meeting, you definitely need an ac adaptor specific to your camera. 

To sum it all up: based on your needs, make sure that your camera has a clean HDMI output and that it can stay on as long as you need it to.

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